GSCC National Specialties Best of Breed Winners

Specialty Year  Best of Breed  Call Name Owner(s) 
1st 1990 Am/Can CH MacAlder Clansmen Ian Drake J. Stomp
2nd 1991 Am/Can CH Feunoir Autumn Sonata Sonata Ginette & Jacques Babin
3rd 1992 CH Clansmen Classic Possum B. Holoboff & J. Stomp
4th 1993 CH Feunoir Dangerous Liaisons D’Arcy M. Gerrie & R. Deneau
5th  1994  Can/Am CH Bludawn’s Bianca of Sunrunner Bianca Barbara Young
6th 1995 Am/Can CH MacAlder Formal Attire Tux Beecroft & Olson
7th 1996 Wildwood’s Diamond Tiara Hope J., J.& V. Radonis
8th 1998 BOB revoked
9th 1999 Can/Am CH Karrelene’s Bagpiper Galen Rene & Ilene Delaere
10th 2000 CH Brentwood Clansmen Iceman Ice L. Oakes, H. Tunstill, & C. Krothe
11th 2001 CH Brentwood Clansmen Iceman Ice L. Oakes, H. Tunstill, & C. Krothe
12th 2002 CH Rokeena Downunda Wunda Tori Judith M. Brown & Suzanne Douglass
13th 2007 Am/Can CH Cascade’s Sunrunner Here Comes The Son Skyler Barbara Young Tompkinson & James Tiano
14th 2009 CH Sassenach King of the Castle RN CGN Edward  Judith M. Brown
15th 2011 Am/Can CH Sastya’s Twelfth Night By NCM Nicky Lisa D. Summers
16th 2013 CH Raggededge Joyride to Kericreek Joy Keri Chard-Savage, J. Hafer, S. Sealock
17th 2015 Ch Bran Linn Braxfield Xpert Advice Sally Nikki Maounis; Candice & Jerold Bell DVM 
18th 2016 Ch Kericreek Shake Your Ta Tas Shimmy Keri Chard- Savage