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Pictorial Comparison


The Gordon back is to be short from shoulder to hip and the distance from the forechest to back of thigh should be approximately equal the height from the ground to the withers. If everything else is right the dog will have the appearance of being short bodied and strong. But straight shoulder, shallow chest, and weak rears can give the illusion of length even though the measurements still may be equal.

CKC Standard States:

Chest deep and not too broad in front; the ribs well sprung, leaving plenty of lung room.


Back– Irregularly formed.
Chest – Too broad.

AKC Standard Adds:

Body short from shoulder to hips. The chest reaches to the elbows. A pronounced forechest is in evidence.


Discussions taken with permission from The Complete Gordon Setter by Anita Lustenberger & Jean Sanger Look, Howell Publishing, 1984-1989.