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Pictorial Comparison


Desirable shoulder assembly will be stronger in the Gordon in order to be compatible with the heavier bone and more weight. The blades will be wider and laid back more than is customary with the Irish and English. Our standard requires a forechest created by the sternum. This is all part of the deep, well sprung ribcage which is called for. This gives a heavier appearance to the front and with this build the Gordon must move wider than do the other Setters.

CKC Standard States:

Neck: Long, lean, arched to the head and without throatiness.

Forequarters: Shoulders should be fine at the points, deep and sloping well back, giving a moderately sloping topline. Forelegs big-boned, straight, not bowed either in or out, with elbows free, well let down and not inclined either in or out.


Neck – Short and thick.
Shoulders – Irregularly formed.
Legs and feet – Crooked legs, out-turned elbows. The toes scattered, flat-footed.

AKC Standard Adds:

Shoulders: The tops of the shoulder blades should be close together. When viewed from behind the neck appears to fit into the shoulders in smooth, flat, lines that gradually widen from the neck to shoulder. The angle formed by the shoulder blade and upper arm bone is approximately 90 degrees when the dog is standing so the foreleg is perpendicular to the ground.

Pasterns are strong, short and nearly vertical with a slight spring. Dewclaws may be removed.


Discussions taken with permission from The Complete Gordon Setter by Anita Lustenberger & Jean Sanger Look, Howell Publishing, 1984-1989.