This page if for breeders, puppy owners and anyone looking to expand their knowledge of breeding and raising Gordon Setters.

A good venue for information and discussion on care, breeding, showing etc. can be found at the following website. You can choose to “follow” the group and get notifications or just read through the archive of articles:
Gordon Setter Experts

The following website has numerous good articles which seems to be updated and added to regularly:
Breeding Better Dogs

The American Kennel Club has put together a good set of eBooks you can download from their website which can get new and waiting puppy owners off to a good start.  Click on these links:

Puppy Nutrition
Basic Commands
Crate Training
Puppy Socialization

The Canine Chronicle has a number of good articles such as:
Knowledge Based Breeding
The Canine Chronicle
322 – August, 2010
by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia